Last week I worked with an amazing artist Qweci on his latest video Not Afraid. I enjoyed
working with Qweci as he is an amazing artist with a beautiful voice. Qweci was dedicated
to the task at hand, Qualities very hard to come by in this day and age.
We were able to shoot the entire video in one day. We worked from 10am-10:45pm
The only break we took was an hour and a half to eat at one of Qweci’s
favorite spots in the Bronx. I had my first taste of traditional Ghanian food. (spicy LOL)
The warm reception that we received from people in the neighborhood was overwhelming,

This made me realize the level of respect that Qweci commands in his community, after
working with Qweci on this project I can say with out hesitation that the respect is well deserved.

We would both love to have your feedback on the video and song. Your comments help us
get better. So be the first to leave a comment let your voice be heard. and tell a friend if you
like this video. Repost on Face-book your blog or Twitter.

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